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My family and I love food! My love for cooking started at a very early age, waking up in the morning with the sweet aroma of fresh baked bread.  My mother is the best chef I have ever known and she taught me that food is a gift and if I prepare it with love, it would be magical. Good food is the essence that brings people together to a joyful memorable experience that will last forever.

That is why here in SCC we believe in dedication, individualization with our customers and with passion and hard work deliver to you not just a product but an experience that you will desire to enjoy over and over for years to come.

Custom Design


Desserts Specialties...

Cupcakes & Tarts

By order only!

We do not store or freeze any of our products.  They are all 100% homemade from scratch.  Order yours today...(972)674-9404

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